Hi. The Wild Finish are a 3-piece “adult-contemporary punk” band from Chicago, Illinois. They play music for people. Maybe one day you could be one of them.


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Alright, we're going to try and be better about this whole website thing.  Turns out they can be useful for a thing or two.  Here is what we can tell you right now:

1) Our next show is 10/23 @ Double Door.  It's going to be radddd.  That's four D's rad babies.  Big Paraid (http://www.bigparaid.com/) will be there too.  You can RSVP for a limited amount of $5 tix right hurrr via DO312.  Don't sleep.

2) It should be noted that this will be our last show in Chicago before we go into the studio in early November to do a little recording.  More on that to come.

3) Last but not leastly, we still have a few t shirts left from the little run we did for Lincoln Hall in August.  Grab those at our store.  They have a bear on them.

Think that is it for now.  See ya out there.

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