Hi. The Wild Finish are a 3-piece “adult-contemporary punk” band from Chicago, Illinois. They play music for people. Maybe one day you could be one of them.


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Alright, real quick guys coupla things:

1) We've updated our shows over there to the left of these words.  You've got a really good chance to see us this month.  Wherever you live, however old you are we got you covered.  The first of those three shows is this Saturday in beautiful DeKalb, IL.  It is our first time back there in over a year and a half, and we'll be sharing the bill with our old pal Mike Strub.  Gonna get silly.

2) The nice people at Midwest Action had some nice words to say about the band and what we're up to.  You can read that HERE.  Those dudes (and ladies) are a real treat.

3) We're going into the studio next month (so much more about all of that soon) and we're super stoked about the new material.  We are so stoked about the new tunes that we've grown sick of the old tunes.  So sick of them in fact that both of our previous EPs are F-R-E-E free right over HURR or HURRR.  COP THAT ISH.


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